Sustainable Choices

Consolidate Errands & Shop Close to Home

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By consolidating errands and shopping close to home, you can shrink the driving miles that go into your shopping trips. Start by doing any errands you can within walking distance of your home. When you’ve exhausted the shop-by-foot possibilities, then you can turn to businesses that are within a short drive from home. For these and all other shopping trips, it makes sense to consolidate errands and take care of several at once. This will save time and gas, and reduce your emissions. Who wants to spend all day driving around anyway?

Tips & Tricks
Learn about local businesses. Ask the chamber of commerce for a business directory, or browse the phone book.

Take a walk and look around. Just by setting out for a 20 minute walk in a different direction every day, you may be surprised at the resources you can find nearby: hidden parks, local restaurants, shops, and who know what else.

Look for a home with work and shopping opportunities nearby. Long commutes can make the perfect home seem a little less perfect. Located within a true community where you can satisfy your needs close to home.

Web & Print Resources
Find local businesses and other resources within walking distance of you:

Fun Facts

Dollars spent locally generally re-circulate through the local economy, benefiting many people in the community.