Sustainable Choices

Consider Transit Options When Buying a Home or Choosing a Job

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The easiest way to ditch the car is to live close to everything you need. There are generally three main categories to consider when trying to relocate to a car-free community: nearby work opportunities; local shopping options; and finally, neighborhood places to play (movie theaters, bookstores, schools, parks, etc). Additionally, you will want to look into local transit options and determine whether the streets are bike- and pedestrian-friendly.

Tips & Tricks
Take a walk and look around the prospective neighborhood. By taking a stroll, you can learn a lot. Are there sidewalks? Are there bikes lanes? Does it seem safe to walk and bike? Do you see any parks, local restaurants, a grocery store, other shops and useful businesses? Are the bus stops within walking distance? The keen observer can learn a lot by just looking.

Get a transit map or visit the transit web site. Are there bus or rail routes that go by your prospective home? Could they connect you from home to work? Also ask if there is a bicycling map and look for bike routes in the neighborhood.

Web & Print Resources
Test addresses for local resources within walking distance:

Find local transit agencies:

Fun Facts

The average American spends over 100 hours commuting each year. This exceeds the 2 weeks of vacation time (80 hours) frequently taken by workers over the course of a year.

Walking at 5 km per hour can burn over 250 calories per hour.